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Responsive Html5 Opencart theme


First before every thing we won't replace any thing just we will add our files so please follow our instructions carefully ...

  1. You will find this folder in collection ( v1 ) --> Extract it.
  2. Open any ftp programe, Filezilla recommended.
  3. Open FILES_TO_UPLOAD in local window you will find 3 folders (admin - catalog - image) and your pre installed store in remote window as shown. 

  4. Open from FILES_TO_UPLOAD in local window ( admin --> controller --> module --> shoppiza.php ) and add it in the same path in your remote site.
  5. Repeat this step in all other admin folders ( language and view ) note: you will be asked to replace stylesheet.css accept that.
  6. The same steps will be done in catalog folder and accept any replacement.
  7. In Image folder just replace templates folder and don't replace any other folder.


Activate theme :

After your replacement process go to your online store and go to your administration choose

System ---> settings ---> Store ---> Template: shoppiza  

and click  ----- save

Theme Admin Options

After installing shoppiza theme you must activate theme options from admin panel

Go to Extensions ---> modules 

and install shoppiza theme options module



Theme options created to be very easy to understand with most powerful options to cahnge shoppiza theme as you want with any product.

It supported with :

  1. color picker.
  2. default patterns.
  3. custom patterns.
  4. custom image background.
  5. Google Fonts.
  6. Custom footer.


It's our theme color guide for helping you choose your colored items :)

Images Settings

After installing shoppiza theme correctly you must apply images settings

just follow this steps :

From System --->> Settings --->> Image

Enter dimensions values as shown :



For modules images dimensions apply this values  :


Banners : 

note: you can change this values


Slideshow :


Featured, Best sellers, Specials :



4 layerd PSDs included :

  1. Home page.
  2. Category page.
  3. Product page.
  4. Shopping cart page.